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School Communications

  • CUSD sends its messages through an application called SchoolMessenger which is linked to the District database.
  • Parents of students registered to a specific school should not sign up for this service as doing so will result in double messaging.  
  • Community members (non-parents) and Parents who wish to receive messages from schools where their student is not registered should follow these steps to become self-sign up members.

SchoolMessenger App:

  • As an additional service, the SchoolMessenger app on iTunes and Google Play is available to receive messages via notifications on smartphones and similar devices.
  • Parents should use their ParentPortal login name and password to login to the SchoolMessenger App. No additional account setup required.
  • Community Members (non-parents) must sign up with an email address through the self-sign up SchoolMessenger website first to use the app.


CapoTalk Publication/Mailing List: 
Sign up here to receive general communications from the District.

How does Opting-Out of phone messaging work?

At any time, while listening to a CUSD phone message broadcast through the SchoolMessenger Communication application, recipients may press “5” on their phone to initiate the opt-out process.
After pressing 5, recipients will be given 3 choices:
  • To unsubscribe from messages like these, please press 1
  • To unsubscribe from all Non-Emergency messages, please press 2
  • If you do not have Students attending  CUSD or you are a Non CUSD community member, please press 3 to block all phone communications.

SchoolMessenger App

Helps parents stay connected to their student's school. Community Members (non-parents) must self-sign up first to use the app. See instructions to the left.