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The 2021-22 Kindergarten Team
Mrs. Clarke (Rm 2)
Mrs. Melo (Rm 7)
Mrs. Russell (Rm 9)
Regular Daily Schedule
K beginsRecessLunchRecessDismissal
2:10  (Weds. Dismissal 12:55)
Sign up for Kindergarten Assessments
Kindergarten Assessments
August 6, 7, 8
These assessments will: 
  • Help your child feel more comfortable with the prospect of beginning kindergarten
  • Help your child get a chance to meet some of the teachers
  • Help teachers build balanced classes in the fall
If you have not signed up, contact the front office.
Things You Can Do This Summer To Get Ready For Kindergarten
Skills to Practice:
  • Writing first name.  Start with a capital letter.
  • Putting on and taking off sweaters/jackets.
  • Putting a notebook into a book bag.
  • Opening common snack food items.
  • Counting objects and identifying simple numbers.
  • Complete independence in the bathroom.
Things to To:
  • Read to your child everyday!
  • Point to each word when reading books with simple sentences.
  • Visit the library or bookstore for story time.
  • Select books with sentences that repeat or rhyme.
  • Play board games and card games with your child.
  • Provide writing supplies (paper, pencils, pens and envelopes) for your child.
  • Learn nursery rhymes, songs and poems.
  • Play games with words that rhyme.
  • Practice writing letters and numbers.
  • Play in the sand and write letters and numbers.
  • Share alphabet and counting books with your child.
  • Celebrate all of your child’s attempts at writing!  
  • Collect leaves, rocks or shells on a nature walk.  Count them and sort them.
  • Look for patterns in your world. 
Calendar of Events
May 2022
Reading With Your Child At Home
Reading is important
  • Children learn about the importance of reading as they watch family members use reading and writing for everyday purposes.
  • Children see you reading and writing in everyday life – reading for pleasure, sharing a story with your child, using a recipe, making a shopping list, writing a birthday card or reading street signs. This teaches them that reading and writing are useful skills in today’s world. 
  • Reading with your child at home will help your child in all learning areas of school.
What you can do at home to help
  • Read aloud to children. It helps them to learn the language of books and will encourage them to enjoy books and reading.
  • Talk about books, read together and make reading an enjoyable, shared activity.
  • Make sure there is a wide range of reading material for your child at home, both fiction and non-fiction.
  • Try not to let television intrude on reading time. Make a special time for reading with your child, away from interruption.
  • Give books as treats and presents. 
What to read and do
  • Tell and re-tell stories of all kinds including favorite stories, fairy tales, movie plots, local news items and family history.
  • Play games such as “I spy... something beginning with d”.
  • Read comics, magazines, short stories, poems, and rhymes, including nursery rhymes.
  • Read directions and signs when driving and shopping.
  • Read and write notes and letters to family members.
  • Play board games together and read the rules.
And do remember...
  • Discuss the meaning of stories and words.
  • Let your child see you enjoy reading.
  • Visit and use a library near you. 
  • Enjoy the time spent reading with your child – it should be fun!!!         :)
Image Sources:
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All others: - (free public domain)

Welcome to our kindergarten website!

Welcome to our kindergarten website!
Lost and found

Please Label

Please remember to label your child s jackets, sweatshirts, tote bag, hats etc. with their name so items are sure to make it back home.

Character Counts!

Each month we will be focusing on an important character trait that helps our students develop core ethical values. (i.e. Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Caring, Trustworthiness) All month long teachers will be looking for students who demonstrate this character trait in their classrooms. At the end of every month one student who exemplifies that month's character trait, will be selected to be their classroom's "Champion of the Month". This is an important honor. We will let you know ahead of time if your child is chosen so you can attend the morning flag salute when your child is recognized!
Clipart pencil


You can support your child's writing by helping him or her practice writing his or her name correctly, making sure that his name begins with a capital and the rest of the letters are lowercase.
This practice is most effective when completed with your child. That way you can help him form his letters correctly and make sure that all of letters are started at the top.
Encourage your child to sing the handwriting song that we sing in our classrooms to help him remember where to start his letters.

Drop off and Pick Up Information - M, T, TH, F

Early Birds 8:00-11:53
Drop off is at the line numbers in the back of the school for flag salute. You will learn your child's line number on the first day of school. Pick-up is in front of the school at colored lines. Use the bus lane and car signs to pick up your child. It is a valet style of pick up.
Late Owls 9:30-1:23
Drop off is in front of the school at colored lines. Please arrive no more than 10 minutes before school begins. Pick up is also in front of the school on colored lines. It is a valet style of pick up.
Clarke - White line
Schofield - Green line
                 - Yellow line
Russell (TK) - Blue line

Weekly reminders

Weekly reminders
Every Wed. - Recycle Day (bring cans and plastic bottles to morning flag salute)
Every Wed. - Library Day  Remember to return your books each week. :)
Every Thurs. - Champion Folders go home with your child (please sign and return)
Every Thurs. - "Mr. Healy Day"  PTA Funded Music Program for kindergarteners
Every Fri. - Spirit Day (wear Chaparral spirit wear or your favorite sports jersey/shirt),
Every Fri. - Homework Due
Reduce Reuse Recycle

Recycling News

TRASH TO TREASURE: Our school earns thousands of dollars every year with our school-wide recycling program. Please save your aluminum cans and plastic bottles for our collection and bring them to the flag salute on Wednesdays.
Wish List
If you would like to contribute to your child’s classroom 
We are always in need of treasure box items for our Goodie Wall   :)

Please also see the specialized "Wish List" items that your child's teacher has posted on her door.  

Thanks so much for your support!

Number Poems

The following poems help us remember how to form the numbers correctly:
0 - Around and around and around we go – now we have the number zero.
1 - Down the slide it's lots of fun...that's the way you make a one!
2 - A candy cane, a tail for you...that's the way you make a two!
3 - Around a tree... around a tree... that's the way you make a three.
4 - Down...across... (lift pencil up) and down some more, that's the way you make a four.
5 - Down and around, jump up to dive, that's the way you make a five!
6 - Start at the top...mix and mix...that's the way you make a six!
7 - Across the sky and down from heaven...that's the way you make a seven!
8 - Make an S and close the gate...that's the way you make an eight!
9 - Make a loop, dive down the line...that's the way you make a nine!
We are glad that you are part of the Chaparral Family
We are very pleased to have your family be a part of our kindergarten community and look forward to working with you during the upcoming year.  Please do not hesitate to contact your child's teacher if you have any questions or concerns.